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super job 2015
Christyna, Thank you so much for coming to our aid with such beautiful window screens as you can see on the attached photos. I sent one for each side of the RV for your files.
We can't thank you enough.

Need a personalized service, a sales service from a person that is ranked in the top 5 nation wide?
Ask for Dick Wydenes and/or Gary Larsen. They know their job!


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The time is flying by, before we know October is right in front of us. Reserve your spot for the winter season. Enjoy beautiful Benson in Southern Arizona

** "In 2014 we called MHS & More about window screens for our motor home. Owner, Christyna came to our site, measured and we ordered. Just a few days later she was back with the finished screens ready to be installed. Each shade & tire cover was installed so professionally and each one is a PERFECT fit! We love them! Christyna also creates fashionable tote bags/clutches in a variety of color combinations & sizes. They are beautifully made and are price-friendly. In addition to being a satisfied customer, we value Christinya's friendliness and confidently recommend her products and workmanship. ~~~~~Kathie & Cliff S"

** I would like to thank Christyna for the beautiful work she does. She is very efficient, organized and lovely young lady. She is friendly, looks wonderful every time we see her and is eager to get her job done and does a great job. The bags and hats that she makes are great too,very useful, cute and everyone that has purchased any of these items just loves them. Keep up the good work Christyna. Pam from Butterfield Park. 


Benefits of Window Screen
The dream of every property holder is to have an improved and comfortable interior. However, this is not easy because external weather factors determine the interior air quality. Super window screen absorb and disperse a large percentage of solar heat and frown before it reaches windows and doors as well as pertinent specifics. It keeps the glass and interior cool. They only need an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. They are also yeast and fade resistant. They are useful on doors and windows to keep the heat from entering your home or business. MHS & MORE LLC Super window screens are metal framed panels of solar screen mesh that are accumulated to the exterior of your windows protecting from and dissipating the intense heat of the sun. With Super window screen, you can effectively reduce the impact of direct heat by up to 90% thus providing a cool interior atmosphere. In addition, they can help you save greatly on your utility bill as your air conditioner does not have to work vigorously to control the room temperatures and with increasing cost of power, this comes as a relief for any home owner. It is far better, for heat gain prevention, to block the sunlight before it reaches the window, thereby fritter away the absorbed heat outside where it can be carried away by the air currents. When looking for window treatments that will block out the hot sun, you'll want to consider the "shading coefficient" of different alternatives. The Shading Coefficient is a measure of the ability of the window treatment to reduce the solar heat gain. The lower the number, the less solar heat will enter your home and the lower your cooling or heating bills will be. Visibility through Sun Control Screens depends on light location. Lighted interiors allow inward visibility at night, while sunlight during the daytime diminishes private visibility, offering more privacy.
Super window screen reduce the volume of light without filtering. As the glass filters sunlight through the tint, it will maintain heat, which dissolves into the house, making sun control screens more effective than glass tinting for energy savings. Along with the heat that is absorbed by the drapes, they are also subject to UV damage. MHS & MORE LLC Super window screens do not dim your room as they are designed to allow light while blocking heat which adds to their functionality. MHS & MORE LLC offer an easy and practical method for improving the energy efficiency of windows and glass doors as well as mentioned particulars that concern in following
Solar transmittance: This factor gives the proportion of solar energy transmitted through the fabric. A stumpy percentage means the fabric performs well at reducing solar energy.
Solar reflectance: This factor gives the proportion of solar radiation reflected by the fabric. A high percentage means the fabric performs well at reflecting solar energy.
Solar absorptions: This factor gives the proportion of solar radiation absorbed by the fabric. A low percentage means the fabric absorbs little solar energy. 
Openness factor: Relative area of the openings in the fabric (hole). It is considered as independent of the color.
Visible light transmittance: This factor gives the total percentage of light radiated.
Visible light reflectance: Proportion of light reflected by the fabric.
Diffuse transmission factor: It is indicated as the aspects of glare and shape recognition (outward visibility / night privacy). 
And finally Ultraviolet (UV) transmittance factor: This factor gives the percentage of ultraviolet light radiated through the fabric. UV radiation accelerates natural ageing. All means of solar protection ensure a certain amount of protection from UV light.
Preferences of Super window screen
MHS & MORE LLC Super window screen are offered in a wide variety of colors and options for interior and exterior applications. We focus on all aspects of for residential, RV full coach or partial 5th wheel, dog and protection at low rates keeping you the consumer in mind and working on making your energy bills lower.
Competitively Priced Solar Sun Screens 
Super window screen are competitively priced, but the quality of the screens and our professional installation process is well above the competitions. Super window screen installs the best solar screens on the market for the best price - We guarantee it. Isn't your home worth it? Super window screen will make your home or office much more comfortable in the summer months, increase the value of your home, improve the exterior aesthetics and will reduce your cooling bills significantly.
Super window screen assessment: Judge against the Super window screen services with other companies before purchasing. The majority of window shade screen companies put their worth in the price they give. If you receive an inferior approximation from another solar sun screen company you may regard as asking yourself some nippy and reasonable questions that concern the following:
Natural exposure to air: Not only does a Super window screen protect your covered entrance, it also allows natural airflow inside. Having natural ventilation is both healthy and relaxing. You can enjoy gentle breezes while still getting the protection from the sun the terrace roof or courtyard cover offers.
Sunlight and Heat Reduction: If you choose Super window screen material, your portico window screens can also offer protection against the sun’s rays. It can block out up to 90% of the sun’s rays.
Unruffled your Home or Other existing Spaces: Super window screen can cool problem rooms in warm climates making the home or other living area much more comfortable in the hot summer months. 
Reduce Cooling Energy Costs: Independent Studies have shown that Super window screen installed on exposed windows can reduce the cooling portion of electric energy costs.
Protection from Fading: The UV rays blocked by solar screen can help protect your valuable home furnishings such as furniture, drapes, floors and paintings.
Daytime Privacy: With solar screen on your windows, it is very hard, if not impossible for people to see into your home during the daylight hours. Much like dark sunglasses, even though people can't see in, outward visibility can be excellent, especially with the darker color (black, brown or dark bronze).
Reduced defiant stare: Super window screen helps reduce the glare coming in through the windows. This benefit can be very beneficial in the family television, media room or home office. Block harmful UV rays, protect your furniture, No-cost upgrade to cordless for child safety, Protects furniture from sun damage.
Super window screen are the number one item you can add to your home to help reduce the direct and indirect sunlight from heating up the interior of the house. Now you have to choose the type of home window screen that will do this for you the best. MHS & MORE LLC Super window screen types include:  Adjustable, Retractable, safekeeping.